What’s all the hullaballoo?

The Rail to Trail project hopes to create a level path allowing walkers, cyclists, mobility scooter and wheelchair users, runners and horse riders to travel safely away from traffic between towns and villages across Somerset through glorious countryside! This in turn would be a benefit to cars and farm traffic on our roads not having to worry about cyclists or pedestrians in their way.

Where is it?

We started with an initial proposal to convert a section of the incredible but disused infrastructure of the Somerset & Dorset Railway into a multi-user path between Wincanton and Bruton. This in turn created lots of public interest to extend this further along the line and hopefully join up the other already converted sections both on this and other disused lines further north and to the south in Dorset.

Why is it such a good idea?

The benefits of the Somerset Rail to Trail to communities across Somerset include road safety, physical and mental health benefits, accessibility for disabled and elderly users, reduced carbon emissions, and economic benefits from attracted tourism. Especially now in the post covid era we need more ways to get out and about where we can maintain safety whilst still having fun.

How can I help?

You can DONATE and you can GET INVOLVED

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