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To accelerate the development of the Rail to Trail Project we need all the financial help we can get. Local authority and Lottery grants will only go so far. Plus, many other funding bodies require some form of matched contribution. Every penny helps!

Thank you for your support!


You can VOLUNTEER - there is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes which is all being done by volunteers who really believe in the project, If you can spare even 1 hour per week to work from home, we’d love to hear from you at

We’d particularly like to hear from people who live in different areas of Somerset to help us tackle sections of the line that are closer to home for them. You know your locality better than we do - having local insight, manpower and enthusiasm will go a long way to making this happen. If you have the time, please join our team!  

We have worked hard to create a partnership between all the projects already happening across Somerset. Not only will this build a unified voice that will give us all greater power to achieve our communal goals, it  enables information and contacts sharing as well as making approaching authorities such as Highways England far more efficient. To that end, we were instrumental in forming the Somerset Active Travel Forum, bringing together many important active travel voices from across the county as well as creating a stronger link with some national organisations. Through this partnership, we hope to achieve so much more in a shorter time.   Please get in touch if you’re already installing or upgrading active travel infrastructure or were thinking of starting up a new project in Somerset.

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This is possibly the best way to help support the Rail to Trail Project. As an Ambassador, you are helping spread the word about the Rail to Trail Project and possibly raising some money along the way!

The more backing we get for this proposal from government, the more likely we are to secure funds and overcome hurdles in the process. Help us by getting your MP on board.

Lots of people send kind letters of support to us here at the Rail to Trail Project. Among other things, your letters help show planning authorities and the Council that locals are excited about the idea, and want the benefits it will bring. Fun, safety, health, tourism, environmental or economic, we'd love you to tell us why YOU want to see a multi-user trailway linking the towns and villages of Somerset.

Company and school support for the Rail to Trail Project is vital. With more and more key members of the active economic community on board, the Rail to Trail Project will gain even greater momentum as an important driver for increased tourism. 

Smart companies realise that healthy, happy employees are more productive employees. Sign up today with your company logo and officially pledge your company's support for the Rail to Trail Project.

Doing a fun run? Riding Coast To Coast? Taking on The Exmoor Beast? The Stagger or The Stumble? An Iron Man? Beacon to Beach? A sky dive!? Why don't you raise money for the Rail to Trail Project?

Sponsored sporting events are a great way to raise money and promote awareness about the Rail to Trail Project.

Just talking about the Rail to Trail Project with friends and family is a great way to help increase local awareness. Whether it's in a café or down the pub, the more people who know and enthuse about the Rail to Trail Project the better! 

People may ask you challenging questions when you bring up the subject of the Rail to Trail project. This is very healthy, because there are important issues to be taken into consideration – such as conservation, for example. Please do check out our Frequently Asked Questions page if you don’t know the answers to questions you’re asked. If you still have a question that’s not answered, please do CONTACT US. We’re always happy to chat!


We hope that very soon we will all be able to have regular, fun meet-ups for walking, cycling and horse riding, involving lots of tea and cake and maybe some pints at the pub too.

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